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ALB Gold Organic Kid's Pasta Farm, 300g.
ALB Gold

ALB Gold Organic Kid's Pasta Farm, 300g.

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  • Description
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  • Description

    Organic kids pasta farm. Alb-Gold kids pasta is made from 100% of the best organic durum wheat semolina. Inside this Farm Organic Kid’s Pasta box you will find,Sheep, pig, hen, rooster, horse and cow shaped pasta.
  • Suggested Use

    Cooking-time approx. 8-10minutes

    Ingredients:(Serves 4)
    300g Organic kid's pasta
    2 bunch of fresh basil
    3 Tbsp of Pine nuts and grated parmesan
    3 of Garlic Cloves,Olive oil and Salt&Pepper to taste

    1.Wash and chop the basil.Toast the pine nuts in a pan without oil.Blend the basil,pine nuts, and chopped garlic and add some olive oil.
    2.Add the parmesan and then salt and pepper to taste.
    3.Cook the organic kid's pasta in salted boiled water until aldente .And serve with the pesto genovese. Or simply serve the organic kid's pasta with tomato sauce

  • Ingredients

    Organic Durum Wheat Semolina.May Contain Traces Of Egg

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