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Gaia Herbs

Gaia Kids Tummy Tonic Herbal Drops, 30 ml.

Gaia Kids Tummy Tonic Herbal Drops, 30 ml.

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  • Great Tasting!
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Formula by Dr. Mary Bove
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Gentle Calming Action for Digestive Tract Irritability
  • Relaxes Muscle Spasm and Cramps Associated with Digestion

GaiaKids® Tummy Tonic Herbal Drops

This formulation responds to occasional digestive complaints that are common to kids. A gentle calming action aids occasional irritation of the digestive tract, promotes digestive peristalsis and supports healthy digestive motility. Tummy Tonic Herbal Drops also support healthy gut flora colonization.

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