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Happy Probiotic Sanitary Pad 29 cm, 8pcs
Happy Probiotics

Happy Probiotic Sanitary Pad 29 cm, 8pcs

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  • Description

    THE IMPORTANCE OF LACTOBACILLUS IN THE FEMALE GENITAL In the female genital tract . Lactobacillus plays an important role in maintaining an acid pH(4.4-4.6) which inhibits the growth of E.coli, which can cause inflammation of the urethra and Trichomonas vaginalis. This can result in Trichmoniasis due to the alkaline pH in the vagina, giving rise to foul odour, discharge, itching, and burning sensation. As long as Lactobacillus is present in the vagina, the growth of these undesirable microorganism will be supressed due to the formation on lactic acid.

    MECHANISM OF ACTION During menstruation rehydration of the AHCTM probiotic bacteria in Happy Pro-Padscauses Lactobacilli to proliferate by feeding on the glycogen-rich vaginal cells/mucus. Together with body temperature, this will awaken the probiotic bacteria from their dormant into active state. Lactobacilli produces lactic acid and contribute to maintaining a normal vaginal flora by lowering the pH and producing hydrogen peroxide to inhibit the growth of harmful pathogens. Lactobacilli can also block other organisms from adhering to the vaginal walls. It displaces “bad micro-organisms that have already adhered to the vaginal walls.

    • Happy Pro-Pads does not require special storage conditions and can be kept in ambient storage condition.
    • Contains AquaKeep® Super Absorption Polymer for better absorption.
    • Natural sanitary pad made of a membrane, non woven fabric, probiotic, pure cotton, super absorbent polymer (SAP), and polyethylene (PE).

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