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Rochway Baby Probiotic 60g.-NaturesWisdom

Rochway Baby Probiotic 60g.

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  • Description

    This product from Rochway has been repackaged under KinderNurture. They are manufactured in Australia using same ingredients with the same quality and concentrations.

    You will receive the product repackaged under KinderNurture. 

    Probiotics for babies and Toddlers from 0 to 7 years that is easy to ingest. Probiotics are friendly, live bacteria that help to maintain a natural balance of organisms in the intestines.

    • This 10 billion / 10 strain per serving baby probiotic is scientifically formulated to relieve the symptoms of colic. Colic is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems infants can suffer. It is now widely acknowledged that probiotics can have a very beneficial effect on an infant’s evolving digestive system as it gradually learns to cope with new foods.

    • Probiotics may assist in helping promote the build-up of beneficial gut flora.

  • Suggested Use

    0.5g Dosage spoon is included inside jar Mix into infant formula or baby food immediately prior to serving. Insert baby probiotic powder into baby's front lip and gum immediately prior to feeding 0 - 8 months infants 0.5g (1 level serving spoon) daily or as prescribed by your health care professional 9 months - 3 years 1.0g - 2.0g (2 - 4 level spoon servings) daily or as prescribed by your health care professional 3 - 7 years 2.0g - 3.0g (4 - 6 level spoon servings) daily or as prescribed by your health care professional. Refrigerate once opened. Store below 30°C away from direct sunlight

  • Ingredients

    Proprietary Ingredient – 10 Billion cfu’s Probiotic Blend per gram Contains: Lactobacillus Strains Bifidobacterium Strains Streptococcus thermophilus Prebiotic – inulin Excipients and flavour Probiotic Strains L. casei, L. gasseri, L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. Paracasei, S. thermophilus, Bifido. longum, Bifido. lactis, Bifido. breve.

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