About Us

Founded by Vitakids Pte Ltd in March 2017, NaturesWisdom is the official online store for customers to shop conveniently 24/7 outside Vitakids stores operating hours.

With a wide selection of trusted brand with high-quality yet affordably priced natural and organic products, NaturesWisdom aims to help families around the world stay healthy together. 

Our Portfolio of local and international products supports more than general wellness and prevention but natural homeopathy treatment too. With our growing robust platform, we want to meet the health needs of all stages by connecting with our local community, businesses, and the pharmaceuticals market in the Asia Pacific Region.

Enjoy the pleasure of affordable health shopping at NaturesWisdom 24/7.

 Brand Heritage

Our Founders

James Ong co-founded VitaKids with his wife, Samantha Foo, in 2022. He is passionate about natural health and the use of ancient, traditional natural remedies for the prevention and treatment of ailments and good health maintenance.

Despite a Hectic schedule, he Continues to set aside time, to read about natural health topics and holds strong opinions about the role of conventional medicine in today's healthcare and the validity of mainstream dietary advice. 

VitaKids and our Milestones


 Our Motto

"Let Food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal the patient with food." 

-Hippocrates the father of medicine

Food plays a major role in health. What we consume daily determines the lives we live. At NaturesWisdom, we firmly believe the best way to derive adequate nutrition is to ensure that food should traceable, fresh and at its best. This is why we only carry certified organic and or natural food. 

Certified organic standards symbolize no usage of toxic chemicals in farming and that each item goes through strict processes to qualify for the USDA organic certification. Choosing organic food products with higher nutritional value benefit not only personal and the world's planetary health but also a blunt vote for your immediate health by implementing an effectual diet. 

Discover our range of products and find the one most suited to you. Our goal is to create a vigorous difference in each customer's wellness journey. We make it easy for you to make healthier choices for you and your family daily and march together towards a sustainable future. 

Our Mission

Wide selection of premium quality products stored in the best environment

- With 100+ brand and 2,000+ products (and growing everyday!), we are constantly looking to bring you a variety of product sourced internationally from all around the world and locally in Singapore. 

Expert Advice & Guidance

- We pride ourselves on the importance of safety and providing the best advice suited to your needs. Our nutritionists can help you sort out facts from fiction. 

Empowering Our Consumers

- Empowerment comes through awareness and knowledge of preventive and therapeutic healthcare through natural modalities. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the leading e-commerce platform in Singapore for health and wellness products, offering a preferred choice of authentic, high-quality, and affordable health supplements, natural and organic food and beverages, and natural and organic personal care products, while empowering our customer to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing in a sustainable and ethical way.