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Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Vitamin D 400IU

Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Vitamin D 400IU

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Brauer Baby & Kids Liquid Vitamin D 400IU is a 98.5% organic supplement ideal to help prevent dietary (vitamin D) deficiency when sun exposure is inadequate. Vitamin D also helps to support a healthy immune system as well as assists healthy bone development and growth in children and healthy infants ages 6 months and over. 100% sugar free, with no artificial colours or flavours, it's suitable from birth and can be used by the whole family! 

Directions for use

Shake well before use and use the measuring device provided.


RDI all ages: 0.05mL to 0.1mL to deliver 200IU to 400IU daily.
For clinically diagnosed or at risk of vitamin D deficiency: 
Babies and children: 0.1mL 400IU daily.
Adults: 0.25mL, 1000IU daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 

    Active ingredients

    Each 0.1mL dose contains: Colecalciferol (equiv. to Vit. D3 400IU) 10 micrograms. 

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